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Best of the grottos

Christmas & GiftFamilies around the UK are filling their weekends with exciting trips to see Santa and there is certainly a plethora of venues to choose from. According to Netmums the top three favourites for 2023 are Lapland UK in Berkshire which offers a magical four-hour immersive Christmas experience and a personalised invitation and passport to Father Christmas' artic homeland: Santa's Sleepover at Alton Towers, Staffordshire where children can jump onto specially selected rides, dive into the waterpark, explore the Garden Lantern Trail and meet Santa: and Christmas at Paultons Park, Hampshire where little ones can see Peppa Pig world decorated for Christmas and meet George and Peppa in their Christmas outfits with special festive theatre shows and magical illuminations.

Of course, more local to almost everyone's home will be garden centres and shopping malls filled with magical scenes and the chance to see Santa first hand. For anyone involved in organising such extravaganzas, a trip to Harrogate Christmas & Gift will present numerous exciting ideas and opportunities. Register online today at www.harrogatefair.com

Christmas & GiftSprinkling magic

Norfolk Leisure is starting 2024 with not just new hopes and dreams like the rest of us, but with plans for a new Christmas collection, Bosk. Experts in distributing Christmas trees over the last 10 years to the whole of its catalogue of loyal Garden Centres and online retailers, Norfolk Leisure begin its journey distributing its own range of Christmas Lights and Christmas Trees for 2024.

Debbie Waudby, Norfolk Leisure director says: "The core values of our Bosk Christmas Collection are to create products that last a long time, are priced well, and of course, topped with a good sprinkle of magic!"
Visit Norfolk Leisure and their new Bosk Christmas collection in Hall B Stand B15

Tinned straws

Christmas & GiftIf you want to avoid soggy paper straws, look at The Silicone Straw Company's colourful collection of chewable, reusable, dishwasher-proof silicone straws in handy travel tins. The company is delighted to collaborate with UK designer Meg Hawkins on this new range, featuring her designs from 'The Wild' collection. Drink, Rinse, Repeat: It's a straw in a tin! Bespoke Tins now also available.
Visit the Silicone Straw Company on Stand Q7

Christmas & GiftFestive textiles

Wilkins presents home and garden textiles including table linen, cushions and decorative accessories. Christmas, everyday and seasonal products are designed in-house at the company's Nottingham office. The Wilkins team is excited to present new products for 2024 including ceramics, hard mats and coasters, Halloween and Easter items.
Visit Peggy Wilkins Textiles on Stand A38

Christmas & GiftSanta baby

Ziggle offers great pick up items for shoppers with babies in mind. The wide range includes baby bibs, hats, socks, slippers, headbands, toys and tree decorations. The collection includes subtle winter animal patterns, jolly festive red Christmas designs and Ziggle's ever popular 'My First Christmas' themes. These are fun, useful, quick sell through lines that offer a bit of Christmas magic and momentos for parents and grandparents. Buy individual items or opt for Ziggle's 'Baby's Christmas' FSDU package: an eye-catching, one-stop unit for all baby items. Also available are delightful Santa Grotto bags with gifts and Santa messages aimed at babies and toddlers.
Visit Ziggle on Stand C9

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